Innovative solutions in the field of gambling industry-PBET project review!

Players, Physical casinos and PBET unite through
a crypto-based Omni-channel Gaming Platform.

Today I want to tell you about a very interesting project that will really be a gift for casino players and slot machines!

Pbet is an ecosystem created on the blockchain technology and having its own token on Etherium,which is designated PBET.Casino is now popular in all countries,but somewhere it is legal,and somewhere not!This is an industry that is developing every year,a lot of casinos are opened every year!Nowadays we see a huge competition in this industry!Players play in land-based as well as online casinos.And those and other have their pros!This system is Pbet-they create their own token ,which players can use in various casinos as a currency ,as well as receive a lot of bonuses and not pay for transactions to other services!
The PBET Token is used for payment between all actors of the Land-based and I-gaming ecosystem and extended through the hospitality sector to other hospitality sector organizational members.System is made up of 3 main components that perfectly interact and mix together: Genuina Core, Genuina Management system (that could be compiled with Genuina Core) as well as Genuina Interactive.

Let’s look at how this token will be used by casino players:

-Supported in our physical operations as well as online: among first tokens to be implemented in land -based systems and online products;

-Shares e-wallet, meaning players can transfer funds and tokens between their land-based account and online account: the cashier at the casino acts as the bank, waiving transactional fees of other e-wallets and payment aggregators;

-Privileged Loyalty Club for Pbet players extended from casinos to other hospitality sites such as hotels and resorts and tourist attractions in the area, etc. This network partners thanks to a standard loyalty program based on Pbets, thus granting greater advantages to clients (i.e. free dining voucher granted with hotel stay and free voucher for online gaming)while attracting and retaining them thanks to the network shared benefits

Now let’s consider the advantages of the platform and the token for both the player and the operator!

Benefits for Players:

●Advanced promotional capabilities and Player Tracking system;

●Adaptive and Expandable Reward System Combined with Personalized Marketing Module;

●Enhanced Interactivity between players and casino personnel;

●Capability of adding Fiat money, crypto, redeem points and promotions from the comfort of their seats.

Benefits for Operators:

●Payment Management with full support of transactional methods and mobile cashier stations;

●Comprehensive Casino Management for cages and vaults, slot accounting, financial and cash;

●Proactive Marketing tools with access to real-time data;

●Management module for multiple displays including scheduling, advertising

and general announcements features;

●Compliance with country-specific regulations and fiscal guidelines (such as anti-money laundering policies), and provides means to support Operators’ efforts in implementing responsible gaming strategies and protocols to prevent compulsive behaviors

Pbet project is really worth attention-they are doing a great job!

Now about selling tokens PBet project!

Soft Cap = USD 2 Million

Hard Cap = USD 17.5 Million

Regular Price Pbet = USD 0.20

Detailed information can be found on the official website of the project!At the moment, more than 50% of the funds have been raised!

Through smart contract, all Tokens allocated for crowdsalethat aren’t sold will be burned.Team tokens will be held by the company and released after 6 months from the end of the crowdsale (lockout period)at a prorated basis over an 18 month (vesting period), meaning every month after the 6 month period following the end of the crowsale, 1/18 of team member Pbet will be remitted to them. Through this strategy ensure the stability of the token value during the initial growth period of PBET Ltd.


Q1-Q2 2018

Start of the PBET concept; Research & proof of concept; Design of proprietary algorithms allowing omni-channel loyalty and payment.

Q3 2018

Market analysis through focus group regarding usability and utility of branded tokens inclusion in gaming platform; Due diligence for interactive technologies

Q4 2018

Increased footprint of Genuina Management system in LATAM; Acceptance testing on Genuina interactive; Preparation of the ICO.

Q1 2019

Updated market Analysis & Commercial strategies assessment; Finishing ICO preparations and establishment of launching strategies.

Q2 2019

Pre-ICO then ICO launching; crypto support in Genuina; community digital engagement; online gaming site.

Q3 2019

Start developing unified payment & Blockchain Hospitality Reward Club; IEO Exchanges Announcement; Commercialisation: Unified Gaming Platform including Payments.

Q4 2019

Cross channel bonus implementation; Commercial B2B2C pilots involving physical venues; IEO Exchanges Announcements; Unified Solution Sales; 75,000 Active Members; Block.Rew.Club. Integrations.

Detailed information about the PBet project can be found on the official resources of the project:



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